Good News?

Guess, what? Remember me bitching yesterday about the asshole receptionist? The office manager called me today for an interview. I have an interview on Monday. I’m a little happy about it, but on the other hand I feel like a hypocrite. I was REALLY hoping the bank would call. But I know it wont be for a few weeks. And, I REALLY need a job. The bills are just coming in too fast. See, that happens when you have kids that are growing, and going to school, and getting hurt…

Trying to remain positive, I’m looking at it this way; It is just an interview. I don’t even know the specifics of the job, including the pay. I have questions about the hours, they are open 6 days a week, and I am not sure if everyone works six days a week or if there are other schedules. I’m not sure how they are going to feel about me coming in late or taking days off for my doctors appointments every three months. And you know, I have kids, so how do they feel about sick days or snow days? And as far as vacation goes, I’m willing to wait until next year to go, even though this year it’s the family reunion. The big plus is that I would be trained for a new trade! And with that, I’m not sure how much math is involved. If it is a lot, I will probably have to pass on the job. I don’t know, too many variables at this point. But I got my foot in the door SOMEWHERE…. FINALLY!

My husband knows, but I haven’t told the kids yet. The boys won’t mind, but my daughter will be devastated, and I want to avoid the meltdown until we know if I have the job for sure yet.

I just feel better that someone is interested in having me come in and talking about having me work for their company. I think I will be ok if I don’t get the job, but at this point, I’m leaving it in the universe’s hands. If it is meant to be, it will be.


8 thoughts on “Good News?”

  1. Are you planning on mentioning coming in late / taking time off for doctors’ appointments at the interview? Have you done that before? Just curious.

    1. I was planning on it. I was going to let them know I have two appointments in May, and I would be able to come in late, but once I have a fixed schedule, I would be able to schedule my appointments around my work schedule. I think it is best to get it out of the way than to just spring it on them. Especially since these appointments have been in place for 2 months and my doctors appointments are a bitch to reschedule. :/

  2. Great new about the interview! I’d also be nervous – pretend this is the ‘practice’ interview for the next big offer. I understand the cautions you’ve outlined. Working 6 days a week, plus maintaining a home, kids and husband throw bipolar into the mix, and its daunting. I’m sure the outcome will be the best that is meant for you ❤

    1. I’ve been doing a lot of convincing myself to calm down, and if this is meant to be it will be. It is SO HARD! :/

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