Classy is as Classy does…

There is nothing classy about wearing a dress and trying to get into a truck gracefully. Especially when you are short. I am 5’2″ and drive a Ford Explorer. I don’t wear dresses much, but felt it was a good choice for church yesterday. On top of the classiness of getting in and out of a truck with a dress on, my underwear kept falling down. Ya know, because I’ve lost weight and have no ass. So I was in church with my underwear halfway down my ass yesterday, with no way to pull it up, because I sit in the front row (I find it better for me to sit in the front row, so I can pay attention, if I sit in the back, I am too busy people watching).

But, fear not! My day did get better.

I got a few gifts, and didn’t have to do much yesterday, in celebration of Mother’s Day. All in all, it was a nice relaxing day.

I am still having problems with my anxiety. I did some more research on the stiff tongue problem I am having, and indeed, it is an anxiety thing. I am going to go back to taking my anxiety meds as prescribed instead of as needed, because apparently, I need them.

My motivation is still lacking. At least at this point I am thinking about things to get done, and have intentions on getting said things done, but I am missing the “ooomph” to accomplish said things.

Both things I will discuss with the pdoc when I see her on the 17.


5 thoughts on “Classy is as Classy does…”

  1. Sorry about the anxiety. I know it sucks. However, be happy about the dress not fitting properly. It’s for a good reason – you lost some weight which is no easy task.

  2. Ah the problems that you “classy” people have! Thank goodness I am just an average joe.


    Take care!!

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