Starbucks and Funyuns

My mind started sucking my soul into that vast darkness. So, I took it upon myself to shed some light on the situation. When I was up at the store getting tonight’s dinner, I grabbed a box of caffeine pills along with a super-charged, double shot, energy, starbucks coffee drink thingy. Don’t worry, I didn’t chase the caffeine pill with the starbucks. I drank the starbucks first and ate some funyuns. I just wanted to see if the double shot energy drink would take me anywhere (along with the 2 cups of coffee I had this morning– I guess I forgot to mention I slept for only about 3 hours last night/this morning) since I was dragging ass, yet I wasn’t tired.

My body scoffed at the double shot. I had to bring in enforcements if I was going to get anything accomplished today.

I took the caffeine pill this afternoon. Low and behold! I got shit done! I managed to have the energy to dust the living room, wash all the glass (not the windows, I’m too short), vacuum the living room AND the furniture (pesky animal hair!), and then swept the kitchen. I’m thinking about heading into the bathrooms next.

Please, don’t panic! I am not running around the house like roadrunner. I just have enough energy and motivation to do something other than sit on my fat arse.

I find that engaging in activity helps my mind from wandering down the dark path of my worries and stressors. I’m in my own little world, moving in time to the music I select (this afternoon it was EMINEM), focusing on the here and now and engaged in what I am doing. I like being in that world.

I will use this power responsibly.

Just for the record, I wouldn’t suggest doing this. I am well aware that too much caffeine can lead to the mania bus taking you for a ride. I’m not at that point. Like I said, I just have the amount of energy that a normal motivated person has. If you think about it, it’s kind of sad. And I see no difference in taking a caffeine pill vs. a prescribed stimulant (which my family doc has been talking about giving me). I’m just testing waters… and getting things done that have been neglected for far too long, but keeping my hands on the reigns.


5 thoughts on “Starbucks and Funyuns”

  1. I take caffeine pills sometimes when I want to read. It helps me focus. My therapist suggested I try it, and it worked, so I do it on occasion.

  2. So interesting about the caffeine pills. I think I’ll be talking to my doc about them. I have such difficulty focusing, feel restless. Its make work difficult, having to be chained to a chair and computer for 8 hours a day. But maybe caffeine will do the trick. Thanks for sharing, Iggy!

    1. I would really use them with caution. I took one yesterday about 1pm, and I was up until 3 a.m. last night. I got 3 hours sleep. Going to avoid them today if at all possible.

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