My husband and I don’t go out often. And the reason is me. And I have no problem admitting this. 🙂 I am afraid to leave the kids alone (ages 17, 13, and 9), or I don’t feel like being around people at the last minute, or I can’t make up my mind what I want to do or where to go. So, he stopped asking me to go out. Anxiety is such a fucking bitch.

Friday we are going out on a date; dinner and a movie.

I have been looking for places to eat at for 2 days now.

I told myself today “It shouldn’t be this difficult to find someplace to eat. Get your shit together and just pick a place, for the love of all that is holy!”

I told my husband about my self-scolding today, and he laughed “This is why I wanted you to pick. You are too indecisive.”

Long story short, I asked him to pick someplace. We both agreed that we want to go someplace that we haven’t been to before. But close to the movie theater (aka, close to home).

I am hoping I don’t run myself ragged tomorrow. I have to go get my background check done tomorrow AND go grocery shopping. I may just wait until Tuesday to do the background check. I will be in the vicinity anyway, and I can’t turn my stuff in until I have my TB test which is Tuesday so… Yep. I think I just talked myself into that as my plan instead of running myself ragged tomorrow.

I’m on my second glass of wine. I gotta stay up to midnight because my daughter is stopping by after work for some medication. She told me to just leave it on the table, so I think I am just going to hang out in the living room and wait for her. If I pass out on the cough, it’s all good, because I will wake up when she comes in the back door.


2 thoughts on “Dating”

  1. Date days/nights are important. For my husband and I it’s Saturdays. It was sacred. Unfortunately I joined a writers critique group that met Saturday mornings. He was supportive, but I could tell he was hurt. Thankfully I found another group on the weekdays so all is right with the world. I hope you have/had a wonderful time.

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