We Are The Lucky Ones

If you are reading this right now, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Consider yourself a strong individual for putting up with all the bullshit that mental illness has to throw at you and you are still standing tall.

A young man that was like my bestfriends son, committed suicide last week. All I can do is feel sorry for his soul and hope that he found some solace. He left behind a baby, parents, and friends. Friends that are wondering now why he didn’t reach out for help, why didn’t he tell anyone he was feeling so depressed?

As you know, when we are feeling suicidal, we tend to put on a happy facade, so people don’t fret over us, and ask us why we feel so bad, because we don’t have an answer. It is just easier to pretend than to be real about it. No one will understand and it takes too much effort to explain.

I feel terrible that such a young man (23) was in so much pain and felt like this was the only way out.

I think about me, and all the pain, emptiness, loneliness, and other dark feelings I have felt in the grasp of a deep depression. Having it tempt me with ending it all. And here I stand. Still alive, living my life. I am a lucky one. Keep your gloves on, and keep fighting the fight. You are loved, you are liked, you are appreciated.


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