Speaking As A survivor


A hot topic as of late, is this story about this college swimmer who raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. His punishment? 6 months in jail, 3 for good behavior. A lot of people think the lighter sentencing has to do with the letter that the dad wrote to the court. In part, the father talked about how his son no longer eats for pleasure, only survival (duh! he is in jail!), how his life will now forever be impacted by being on a sexual offenders list, and how he thinks this is a “steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action.”

As a survivor of sexual and mental abuse, I find it hard to even have the tv on as of late or even to look at my social media, because this story is plastered everywhere. Especially in my local news, as this guy is from an affluent neighborhood about 30 minutes from where I live. This triggers feelings for me. It also pisses me off.

This guy needs to face up to his actions and choices. He fucked up, and now he needs to pay for it. I find it horrible, that the dad is so worried about how his son’s actions has brought all this turmoil to the family as well as his son, and he wants everyone to feel sorry for him, by playing the victim card.

NEWSFLASH! YOUR SON IS A RAPIST. A CRIMINAL. HE DID WRONG! Let’s think about the TRUE victim here, the woman who got raped. The woman WHO DID NOT GIVE CONSENT! How has her life forever changed?

I am so tired of people who have money and status, getting away with crimes.

Watch this video that I posted. This guy doing the video pretty much sums up my feelings on the whole matter.

It is NEVER ok to touch someone out of anger. It is NEVER ok to have sex with someone who is not consenting. Plain and simple.

sidenote: the victim also wrote a letter to the court. I have not brought myself to read it for fear of triggering.


5 thoughts on “Speaking As A survivor”

  1. I’m sure you noticed, nowhere in the father’s letter does he mention the poor victim. Reading about this case has literally made me physically ill.

  2. I was that victim a long time ago in my early twenties. I never talk about it. But this guy? He needs to be punished lawfully, seriously. He needs absolute consequences. If he’s let of lightly, believe me, he’ll do it again. He disgusts me as a human being. He’s filth. And a liar unto himself. And the father needs to be thrown into the showers in jail. He is just as complicit as his son

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