Nothing to see here folks, move along….

I took 3 sleeping pills last night. I feel guilty and ashamed because I am only supposed to take 2 at most. But, I slept. And that is what I wanted to achieve. One night of uninterrupted sleep.

My mood has improved, but only slightly. I’m moving at a snails pace getting things done around the house, as opposed to the swift way I was moving previously.

Tonight the husband and two of the three kids are going to a BBQ, so I am going to do laundry to keep myself busy and entertained.

I’m trying to design my mother in law a piece of jewelry for her birthday, but I don’t have enough pieces to make anything nice. I am going to look at all my pieces again today and see if something jumps out at me. I’m looking for “summery fun”.

I think I am going to order my son and I a pizza tonight. I have enough rewards for a free one, and since most of the house is not going to be home for dinner, I am not going to bother cooking. We only have pork chops left in the freezer, and my son is picky about his protein sources, so pork chops is not an ideal dinner to make him. Most importantly, I need to make sure I have my 350 calories so I can take my Latuda. Pizza it is!

Today I will be cleaning out my refrigerator and wiping it down. A good time to do it since tomorrow is grocery day. I’ve been meaning to do this all week, but never got around to it because it didn’t sound particularly exciting.

I’m pondering sending an email to my mother in law asking if she is going to help us with rental car fees for our vacation. Last year she offered to help, but we didn’t need it because we had kick ass coupons that lowered the cost of the rental drastically. This year we do not have any coupons, and we are looking at over $600.00 to rent an SUV for the week. There are 5 of us, so a compact car won’t do. :/ I think the best idea is to ask my husband if he minds me asking. I don’t want him mad at me for opening my big mouth, if he has a plan. That is one thing he dislikes about me, my mouth. I am a blunt person, but try to be so in a soft and subtle way. Though, most of the time it doesn’t come out that way. He got upset with me last weekend because I was texting back and forth with his cousin, and his cousin had mentioned not bringing his wife for a trip down here. So I inquired why not? Even though I had the suspicion that they were splitting, though I didn’t know for sure. And you know what they say about people whom assume! Anyway my husband told me it was rude to pry about people’s private matters. First of all this is family. Second of all, how are you going to know the truth if you don’t ask? I guess I don’t have good boundaries.


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