Sleep Study News

Those of you that follow me regularly, are well aware of the fact that my pdoc has asked that I get a sleep study done before she changes my sleeping meds. My GP thinks it is silly because I have two issues that cause sleeping issues: Bipolar and Fibromyalgia, but she is playing along and has given me a referral to a sleep clinic not once, but twice. Well, they finally called today. I called them back and they were not in the office, so I have to call again tomorrow.

I searched for the sleep center (like I search for EVERYTHING; to find out where it is located and to see if I would be able to drive myself. In this case, I might, depending on the time of day of my consult.) So, I checked out their webpage and I am a bit leery.

They use a “holistic approach” to treat sleep disorders, including but not limited to CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and they seem to be happy to hand out cpap machines. I took their “test” on their website to humor myself, to see if I had a sleep disorder. Nope. To be fair, the mainly asked questions about staying awake during the day. THAT is not my problem (unless I am having a flare or a depressive episode).

I’m placing bets, that they are going to tell me this is all in my head and I need a breathing machine.

For fucks sake, I have issues falling asleep… THAT MEANS I CAN’T FALL ASLEEP UNLESS I AM UP UNTIL 5 a.m. and then I sleep all day. I HAVE ISSUES STAYING ASLEEP. My head seems to be quite satisfied with getting an hours sleep, just enough to charge the ‘ol noggin, and then wake me back up. Sure, there is a possibility I have sleep apnea. I won’t disagree with that. I’m over weight and I snore. But that is NOT THE CORE OF MY PROBLEM!

I realize that I am probably getting upset over nothing. But so help me god if they tell me I need to seek therapy for my inability to fall asleep, I’m gonna blow! Don’t worry, I shall keep you all posted. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sleep Study News”

    1. I don’t have a problem going to therapy if I need it. But,I don’t believe going to therapy for insomnia is going to help my issue. I just can’t connect the two. I will be super disappointed if this is how they want to solve my issue. To me it is kind of like going to therapy for chronic pain — just doesn’t make sense.

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