Exploratory Study conducted by the University of Bolton

This is from Bipolar Awareness — Stop the Stigma from Facebook. I thought it was worthy to share with all of you. It is a survey, and I completed it. Please read the post below, and there is a link to a google doc that will get you to the survey if you wish to take it.

Hi Everybody!
A study is being conducted by the University of Bolton investigating the use of social media, in particular Facebook and Twitter, in the support of people with mental illness.
The aims of the research are: to understand the role of social media as a supportive tool, to explore whether the use of social media in this way reduces stigma, to understand the use of social media to gain health information, to gain insight of what influence social media has over the pathways to care for people with mental illness, and to gain understanding of how social media usage may lead to increased psychological wellbeing in terms of empowerment and confidence.
The questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, is completely anonymous and asks about social media use in relation to mental health. The questions ask information about yourself (i.e. age, gender, and ethnicity), about your mental health (i.e. type of mental illness, length of time experiencing illness) and how you use social media in regard to your mental health.
By supporting the research you will play an important part in helping psychologists, researchers and the general public understand how and why social media supports (or not) individuals with a mental illness.
Click the link below for the questionnaire. Please follow me and support this research on twitter @researcher_mcm
Thank you!




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