Stuff and Thangs

Received paperwork today to fill out for my sleep study consult tomorrow. So. Much. Paperwork. I started filling it out and had to put it down for a bit. There is even a paper for my husband to fill out. I will certainly let you all know how tomorrow goes.

I need to start cleaning the house and back patio for my birthday cook-out I am having Saturday. I have no idea why I scheduled a dr. appointment for tomorrow when I have so much to get done! I think part of it was that I just want to get this over and done with as soon as possible. I could either have an appointment tomorrow or on June 30. The latter would have probably been a better choice, but… it is what it is at this point.

Last night I actually slept well for once. Didn’t wake up once. But I know those days are few and far between.

I have noticed that around 5 pm, I start getting “restless” and kind of depressed. Like “well, the day is almost over” I don’t know if any of you experience a certain time when you start feeling different? It is especially difficult when my husband isn’t here, because when I feel like this I just want to go lay down in my bed to make it all go away. It’s not like anything is going wrong or anything, it is just a feeling that comes up around 5 or so every night. I think it is kind of odd. Anyone else experience this?


4 thoughts on “Stuff and Thangs”

  1. I experience this as well, it’s especially bad on weekends. I just feel like another day has slipped through my fingers, and what have I done with it.

  2. Actually yes. Yes a few weeks ago I came to a determination that the hours from leaving work (4:30pm) until about 7pm when its completely dark, are my worst time of the day! Who would have know others were the same! There’s just something about the light of the dying sun and the shadows it casts that just doesn’t agree with me. I often go straight to bed after work, set my alarm for 7pm, and then get on with the evening. I do this a lot.

  3. If I’m in a depressive episode I tend to get more depressed at night because tomorrow is another day, and I don’t want another day. If I’m manic I ‘manic up’ at night, making it much harder for my partner to persuade me to go to bed 😛

    In general I think I tend to be at my most well in the mornings.

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