Consult Adventures

I had my consult today. On the way there, my anxiety wasn’t too bad, but I did notice my jaws clenching quite a bit; there was a lot of construction and a lot of heavy machinery and closed lanes…. But we got to the office just fine and the office staff was very friendly. The waiting area even had some very nice cooshie seats! That is important! There is nothing worse than having to sit in a waiting room with horrible seats!

We got there early by 20 minutes, which worked in my favor, because the doctor saw me sooner than my appointment, and I was out of there in about 15 minutes.

I got weighed in and found I have lost another 3 pounds. Blood pressure and pulse were good.

I was taken to a consult room (more nice seats!) and waited for the doctor to come in. He was as friendly as a tepid glass of water. Short Indian man with a thick accent. He asked me a bunch of questions, and a few of them I had to tell him I answered already in the forms I had to fill out before I arrived (medication allergies and medication list to be exact). Why do I have to fill all this crap out, if the doctor isn’t even going to look at it?

Anyways, he wants to test me for sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. He wants to see which is more prevalent. He said they do go hand in hand, so it is not uncommon. If I test high for the RLS he will give me medication (Great! More pills to add to my pharmacy!) And for the apnea I will get a CPAP machine to keep my airways open at night which will help me from waking up so often.

The office is going to call me once they have an authorization from the insurance company. One thing I hate about our insurance company they want to stick their nose in your business way to often and want to tell me what is best for me. So, if approved the office will call and set a date with me. I am nervous about the cost of the study, about the cost of the CPAP machine if the insurance covers it or not, and nervous about when all this is going to get done, with vacation a month away.

So that is how that went.

One good thing that happened was I received an early birthday gift from my in-laws; a new Kindle Fire! I so desperately needed a new one. The two younger kids have taken over mine and I never got to use it anymore. Sure, I lost a bunch of downloaded books and music, but that is ok. I had to sign up with a new amazon account so my new kindle would work, because if I used my main account, it would kill the kid’s kindle. But everything worked out fine. πŸ™‚


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