Flat Iggy

The above image is how I feel. Flat. I’m not hungry, but have to figure out what I am going to force-feed myself so I can take my meds. I REALLY hate that I have to do that.

Yesterday was a range of emotions. Nothing I really wanted to deal with on my birthday, but nothing that really killed me either.

I got a couple of unexpected phone calls; one from my uncle and one from my mom’s friend who I have talked about here before, she is the one that also has bipolar disorder. Not sure how she knew it was my birthday, which made it weird. I called her back today, but she must have still been in bed, I think it might have been 10 a.m. when I called her. I’m on Eastern time and she is on Pacific Time.

I managed to even go back to bed today after I had been up for a couple hours. I only slept for like an hour, but it was still nice to be able to go back to bed. I wanted to stay there all day. Forced myself to do the dishes though. Forced myself to call and check on my parents.

I am going to try to write some more submissions for a few places and I’m not going to give up until someone accepts my submission! Hahaha Seriously though, it is a goal I have set for myself.



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