Just Keep Swimming


I’m pushing my way through today. Trying to keep myself “entertained”. Got my hair cut this morning, went to church this evening, came home and did a load of laundry and hung it up, cooked dinner, and now I am wondering what I am going to do to occupy my time. Nothing sounds interesting to me and it is just to freaking hot to move.

I realized the key to success though. If I can find something that will keep my mind busy, I won’t have time for bad thoughts. But the hard part is to actually FIND something!

I ordered some pieces off of Amazon to get a couple of rosaries done. I also ordered hubby’s birthday gift (new clothes). But he still hasn’t ordered mine. It is just maddening to know if there is something he wants/needs he gets it as soon as possible, but when it comes to me…. well whenever the spirit moves him. There is no urgency in the matter. I realize it sounds shallow and rude, and I am embarrassed by that. But the fact remains, this is how my life is and I wonder how I allow stupid stuff like this to happen. How do I put up with him lying on the couch all day attached to his kindle? I’ll stop there, because ranting about my husband was not the point of my post.

My point was keeping busy is what is best for me. I’ve gotta keep busy and find things that interest me to keep my mind active.

In a couple of days I will be busy with making a couple of rosaries. That won’t take too much time. I have some ceramics I can paint and coloring books I can color in, books I can read… But nothing strikes me as “fun and exciting”. This is just the end of depression talking. I know this. And I’m so happy it is leaving. My mood has improved which is such a relief.

I hope you all are having a nice weekend so far. I hope you are beating the heat and staying cool.


2 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming”

  1. Glad to hear your mood is picking up. And I don’t blame you about hubby! You are perfectly valid in feeling the way you do. I’d do my nut if I was you. Your projects sound interesting. Don’t despair. I’m sure once you get going you’ll get more ‘in the mood’ and start to enjoy them. Post a pic of your rosaries, I’d love to see what they look like!

    1. I will post pictures as soon as I get some done. I am in the middle of one right now, but waiting on parts. I like to share things that keep me busy, it might inspire others to find something to keep them busy! 🙂

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