How’s Your Insurance Working For Ya?

I ran across this article tonight, and felt it share worthy. Sometimes I wonder if having insurance is any better than not having any at all. While we have the same insurance company as a provider for our insurance that they talk about in this article, I can’t say that I have had a horrible time as this poor girl has experienced. But I can tell you that I do NOT feel comfortable at all with an insurance company telling me what is “medically necessary” or not.

In regards to my mental health, the only thing I have run into is them trying to change my meds and going through a lot of Prior-Authorizations (Insurance version of a two year old temper tantrum). I could not imagine being refused service in the middle of a mental health crisis!

But I guess these are the type of things we need to think about.

These are the things that stop people from getting the help that they so desperately need and DESERVE!

I don’t expect health care to be perfect and seamless, but I expect it to run a lot smoother than it does.


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