Just Stuff

Despite having to take 3 sleeping pills last night, I did manage to get some sleep. I’ve also managed to get completely rid of the depression that I was feeling. It went away bit by bit. Why does it have to take so fricken long though? How about just pass me over when you feel the need to dump the depression. I could really live my life better without it! 🙂

It is hot today, and I am carrying around a washcloth to use as my “sweat wiper”, just like my grandma did. I hate it, it is embarrassing, as well as annoying, but it is what it is.

Today I plan on being productive! I’m still a bit sluggish, but I am going to fight through it. I already have some laundry in the wash. The last load I have to do. Once they are done, I am going to take advantage of the weather outside and hang them out to dry. This will also allow me to get some much needed vitamin D. Then on to tidying up the house.

You are about to experience some TMI – I’m excited that I will NOT be having my monthly during vacation! Do you know how horrible it is to go to the beach whilst bleeding, cramping, and feeling bloated? Instead I should start on the day we leave. It will make for an uncomfortable drive, but better than during vacation!

Wednesday I go to the sleep clinic to pick up my sleep study equipment. THERE WILL BE PICTURES! 🙂

And on a “lighter” note… I’m wearing a size 18 shorts today…. not a 20 or 22 or 2x…. a fricken 18! Woooohoooo! Excuse me while I revel in the little blessings. 🙂


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