my sleeping companion for tonight


Meet Alice, my sleeping companion for the night. This is what will be conducting my sleep study. I was under the impression I would have goop in my hair and electrodes coming out of my head, which would offer a really hilarious photo op, but no such luck. This is how they conduct a sleep study at home. I am being tested for sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome, but I think this will only test for the apnea, as nothing will be attached to my legs or on my head to read brain waves.

I will have a belt with the computer attached by a belt to the top of my chest. I will also have an air tube inserted into my nose and attached to the computer that will be attached to my chest. Lastly I will have a oxygen sensor attached to my finger, that will also be attached to the computer that will be strapped to my chest.

Hubby is taking Alice back to the Dr office tomorrow morning. I go back to the office on July 7 in the afternoon to get test results, and probably an rx for a CPAP machine. This works out well, because I see Dr. G, the psychiatrist the following week, to which I can say “There, I did everything you wanted, now PLEASE CHANGE MY SLEEPING PILL. Thank you. 🙂

There was a slight weight loss. I was there two weeks ago and weighed in at 222 and today I weighed in at 219.

I have already had my calorie count for the day and I am stuffed. I had a Iced Latte, a couple of small peanutbutter and chocolate rice crispie treats, and a hot dog. I so can NOT think about food for the rest of the night. Last night was a struggle to eat. I ate well, but I just hate forcing myself to eat. I know I have talked about it before, numerous times actually, but it is something I seem to constantly struggle with. However I would rather have to force myself to eat for my calorie count to take my meds, than eating nonstop and loading up on carbs BECAUSE of meds. I think my only mistake was getting the Iced Latte. Those things have so much dairy and I am lactose intolerant. I’ve only had half of it and am already sick. I knew better, but I couldn’t resist.

So, tonight I sleep with this contraption, go back on the 7 to find out I will need a CPAP machine, and then probably fight with insurance about covering it, because you know… this isn’t a medical necessity. I am working on an open letter to insurance companies that talks about my disdain for their “system”. I will post when I have it done.


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