Books on the subject of Bipolar

I was at the library today and checked out a book called Manic by Terry Cheney. in 30 minutes I read through 4 chapters and I need new books to find! Have you read a book about bipolar or about people who have it and found it interesting? Please share titles with me! I’m going to be finished with this book by Thursday, I’m quite sure of that. I’ve read some books by Renfield, but if you have anything else, please let me know. I will most likely have to order from another library, the selection at my library is sub-par.


I did want to share this… When I read this I just was filled with excitement:

Life for me is not defined by time, but by mood. (preface)

Amen sister! Preach it!!!!

And this:

But mental illness creates its own vibrant reality, which is so convincing it’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what is real and what is not. It gets even harder as time goes by, because memory is the first casualty of manic depression. When I’m manic, all I remember is the moment. When I’m depressed, all I remember is the pain. The surrounding details are lost on me. (preface)

The book is only 242 pages, and I think it is really good so far.


3 thoughts on “Books on the subject of Bipolar”

  1. Two books I have read: The Bipolar Relationship and Living With Someone Who’s Living With Bipolar Disorder.

  2. i forget the author but welcome to the jungle is a good one as is the bipolar survival guide. they arent bios or anything though. i like an unquiet mind by kay redfield jamison as well. xxx

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