We have had some unseasonably pleasant weather the past few days. It has been great, as I haven’t been overheated and sweating like a whore in church. However, the past two days I have had to take my muscle relaxers because I have been in so much pain. And the kicker, I can’t find my posture bra, which helps to a certain extent.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition. But I don’t like to say that I have chronic pain. To me, chronic pain is constant. And mine seems to be only affected by the weather or by stress/activity. I’m sure this will all change once I start working. Thankfully it will only be for a couple of hours a day. And I’m playing it by ear. If I am in constant pain, and the meds don’t cut it, I will have to quit. But I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

The chronic pain also messes with my moods. It makes me feel drained, it makes me irritable, which can trigger the bipolar cycle.

I don’t know if the pain meds I take daily are supposed to “erase” the pain, for lack of a better term, or just make it manageable. I guess when I go back in to see my GP I should ask.

So for today, I’m tired and in pain. The cards are stacked against me. I will never be “normal”. I’ve always got some obstacle to hurdle. But, I guess everyone does in their own way.


2 thoughts on “Ouchie”

  1. My wife has good days and bad days with her fibro. Lyrica really helped but due to some of the other medications she is taking (and the severe weight gain) she is weaning off it.

  2. Being in pain is exhausting. I don’t live with chronic pain, but I had a tiny taste of it when I recently hurt my back. My father has fibromyalgia and I know his pain and if can reduce a strapping man to despair, I think you are courageous. By the way, I just love your description “sweating like a whore in church”. Brilliant!!

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