Sleeping With Alice

Well. That was one of the worst experiences of my life. It wasn’t uncomfortable but annoying. Annoying because every time I woke up, I was checking Alice to see if any lights were on, and if they were, I was frantically pushing stuff in. And then I wondered how long the lights had been on, and then would get pissed because I would think “great! I’m going to have to do this all over again!”

My husband didn’t sleep with me last night. He didn’t want to disrupt the process. Which was probably for the best, because I woke up a lot last night, and if he would have been next to me sawing logs, I wouldn’t have been able to get back to sleep.

The Dr. office is supposed to call me around 1 or so today to let me know if the reading took or if I have to do it again. I am praying to God that they got enough information and good readings, because I NEVER want to have to do that again. I almost think it would have been better if I was in the facility getting it done. But what is done is done.

I am going to try to go back to bed for a little bit. I’ve been up since 7a.m. and I’m in quite the spikey mood. Irritated really. And I want that to go away.

Here is to hoping I don’t have to do this again!


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