Being Social (When you just don’t want to)

My husband’s boss is having everyone in the office over on the 9th of this month. The 9th also happens to be my husbands birthday. I had wanted to take him out to dinner for his birthday, but now he wants to do that on Friday the 8th. Totally fine.

I don’t want to attend this “social function” for work. I do the Christmas party every year. This year I also went to the baseball game (if you recall, I posted about it and everyone was coming up to me asking if I was ok). This is the limit of my socializing. But I guess they are doing some big celebration.

My issue is I dislike my husbands boss. He treats (in my opinion) the programmers badly. Unless you wear a suit, you don’t matter. I also don’t want to go to his house, where I can see how well off he is living. And what the hell do you wear to this kind of function? Is it going to be hot? Is this going to be outside or inside? Is there going to be room enough for me to feel “ok”, and I’m sure there is going to be alcohol, to which I will have to harp on my husband about not drinking too much, just like I did at the ball game, and like I do at the Christmas Party. I HATE that. But my anxiety compels me to do it.

I can’t get out of it, because my husband would like me to go with him. Even though he is aware of all of my “issues”.

It sucks being an adult sometimes.

I guess this will be good practice for when we go on vacation/family reunion. I have to hook up wordpress on my kindle so I can post while I’m gone. I don’t want to take my laptop in order to conserve space.


5 thoughts on “Being Social (When you just don’t want to)”

  1. People ask me sometimes if I believe in heaven or hell. I’m not religious at all but I always respond by telling them that to me …hell is having to small talk at social functions when I don’t want to. That usually gets whoever asked me the question to leave me alone, ha. If there is such a thing as hell, the worst hell I could imagine is having to small talk …”forever.” I hope the function will go over smoothly for you and like you said, at least it will be good practice for your upcoming reunion.

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