It is Saturday morning. I did manage to finally get to sleep last night, in my bed even. Gone With the Wind was on last night, and while I love the movie, it is great to fall asleep to. There is something about old movies that are comforting to me.

As I was having coffee this morning, I was thinking about what I am going to do today. It is a holiday weekend, and we have no plans. Mostly because we don’t like to people. The city is having a block party today, but not really worth going to if you don’t have any money, and we don’t get paid until next week. I don’t even have the desire to watch the parade on the 4th like we do every year. Mostly because it causes me so much pain being on the concrete in the heat for a couple of hours.

But I wanted to talk about today….

I realized I’m in a rut. Day in and day out I do the same thing. Routine is great, don’t get me wrong. But when routine leads to a rut, it messes with my emotions. I get bored and then I get depressed. I have to make a strong effort to find a way out of the rut. Since my rosary supplies have not come yet (I found out the items are coming from CHINA! Wont be here until AUGUST and I ordered in JUNE!), I think I might do some painting. I’m still reading my book, but I have to reign myself in, otherwise I get carried away and binge read.

How do you prevent yourself from getting into a rut? Does being in a rut mess with your emotions too?


6 thoughts on “Rut”

  1. I am always in a rut. Well, I’m not sure I’d call it a rut. It’s more like bored with life. I sometimes wish I were dead. I need to get on a schedule. I find myself just sitting around on social media and pissing the day away. It’s the downside of being on disability. It being a long 4th of July weekend, I have no plan to do anything. My city stopped doing the fireworks thing a few years ago. But I don’t do people either, so I never went anyway. lol But yeah, bored with life, that’s what my problem is. And yeah, I guess it’s a rut.

  2. Hmmm, I’ve never really felt like I’m in a rut. My moods cycle pretty quickly so something interesting or scary is always around the corner. I’m forcing routine in my life at the moment because I know it will have a stabilizing effect. And as often as possible, because I’m such a recluse, I’m trying to do things that take me out my comfort zone. Its a slow process. I was in a rut when I was married. I think being single forces me to seeks out things to occupy myself because I know if I’m idle I’ll become depressed

    1. I’m just tired of doing the same thing day in and day out; dishes, cleaning, cooking, laundry. I guess it is a “mom rut” maybe? I’m looking for me and having a hard time finding her at the moment. But I’m working on it.

  3. Perhaps try to find things that you enjoy doing? Reading a book. Listening to music. Doesn’t have to be a “4th of July” thing but at least something you enjoy.

    1. That is the problem, my enjoyment level is at an all time low. But I managed to start painting a figure yesterday. Going to try and finish it today. I didn’t really get “enjoyment” out of it, but it did clear my head and force me to focus on something for a bit.

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