Busy Times Ahead

It is going to be a busy couple of weeks. Looking forward to the coaster ride!

This week I go back to the Sleep Clinic to go over my sleep study results. My husband’s birthday, my husband’s work party *sigh* and grocery shopping. I have to change my route to the interstate route to go to the grocery store on Friday because they will be working on the bridge that I take. *UGH*

The following week I will be getting ready for vacation. This means making sure all the clothes are clean and we have everything that we need to take and getting it if we don’t have it. On top of that I have to clean the house because I will have someone here watching the house and the animals while we are gone. I will also have a pdoc appointment this week. I’m hoping we can come to a conclusion on new sleep meds and something quick acting for the anxiety issues that I will be having to deal with on vacation.

Then we go on vacation! I will check in when I can. I may or may not be doing a lot of ranting or whining during this week, you have been warned. 🙂

I started working on painting a ceramic piece yesterday and hopefully will get it finished today. I will be posting before and after pictures when I am done, just to share. Because I am by no means a wonderful painter. It is just something that I do from time to time to help ease the monotony of life and give me something new to focus on.

Somewhere in all these busy days I need to get outside and get a base burn going on… LOL Since I don’t get outside much I am super pale and if I don’t get some color going on now, I am going to lobsterfy while on vacation, like I do every year.


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