Even the Energizer Bunny Gets Tired

The past couple of days have been exhausting for me. I even took a nap yesterday at 5pm because I couldn’t hang. I don’t think this is a bipolar issue, I think it is a sleep issue or a fibromyalgia issue, as I feel fine in my head. My mind is good, my body, not so much.

I had to be tech support for my dad yesterday. It makes me sad that he is losing his edge as he gets older. He used to be technically savvy, and now he has to call me on how to uninstall a program on his computer. Thankfully we have the same operating system, so I can provide him a step by step and walk him through each step and not lose my mind too much.

I had to call the vet today for my dog, Bella. The past couple of weeks she has been a bit more vocal that usual. Last night, I figured out why. It looks like she has a cavity in one of her molars (are they called molars in dogs?) To me it looks like it needs to be pulled. CHA-CHING! That is the sound of money leaving our pocket. I love having a big dog, but it is really tough on the pocketbook when it comes to meds and anesthesia. At any rate, she has an appointment on Friday (my grocery shopping day of all days, but at least it is a payday!) Depending on how all this goes, we might not go out to dinner for my husbands birthday and I might not make it to the grocery store until Saturday.

I also have my test results from the sleep study appointment this week (in two days). I’m crossing my fingers that insurance is going to cover a CPAP machine if I need it. otherwise CHA-CHING! That is the sound of less vacation money.

Hubby is supposed to go rent the car today for vacation. I hope he doesn’t forget, and I am just super glad he got his bonus when he has his work review, otherwise I have no idea what we would be doing, because his mom hasn’t sent any funds to help us out with the rental as planned.

I’m pumping myself full of coffee today. I’ve had about 4 or 5 cups so far, but still fatigued. I’m thinking about taking a caffeine pill, but thinking it might be too late. However, at this rate, I’m not sure even a huge line of coke would wake me up. (I jest! I don’t do that stuff)

I joined a Bipolar Support group on Facebook, but I think I am going to unjoin. I have been there for a couple weeks, but not getting anything out of it. I prefer my wordpress blogs I follow.


My dog Bella. She is part boxer and part lab, born on 10/31/10


5 thoughts on “Even the Energizer Bunny Gets Tired”

  1. Sorry about the money flow. I’m struggling there as well. I had to pull out of the Facebook bipolar groups. I expected some drama, or course, but it was more than I could imagine.

    1. Thank you. I love her to pieces even though she can be a pain in my arse. She loves me too. It’s the best kind of relationship ❤

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