Sleep Study Results

The results are in. I need a CPAP machine. Through the course of the study (10:30pm – 7:30 am) I stopped breathing 245 times. Which averages out to every 2 minutes I stop breathing. Dr, called  this “moderate to severe” sleep apnea.

No wonder I can’t sleep through the night!

So, now… I wait for insurance to say yay or nay. This should be interesting. I have no idea how long this process should take. But if they tell me they are not going to cover it because it is not medically necessary, I’m going to be very upset. However, I am going to wait patiently and see how things unfold.

And the Dr again told me that I needed to lose weight. *facepalm*

2 thoughts on “Sleep Study Results”

  1. Ohmygod, Iggy, you poor thing. To stop breathing every 2 minutes?! I’d definitely call that a medical EMERGENCY. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your insurance company covers the cost

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