What I Thought About Manic: A Memoir by Terry Cheney

I finished reading Manic: A Memoir by Terry Cheney.

It’s an easy read, about 300 pages.

For me, it was a great book to read. I enjoyed it more than An Unquiet Mind. Cheney did a great job describing her feelings during her episodes and I found it easy to relate to several of her situations. The book itself is not in chronological order, and she states this in the prologue. The books is more like snippets from her mind, which can be confusing for the reader when she talks about certain people, because you are not sure where in her life we are talking about. But I only found that mildly deterring.

This book delves deep into the roller-coaster that is bipolar, from the highest highs to the lowest lows. She talks about medications and therapy sessions minimally. But discusses a lot about her suicide attempts, hospitalization, manic highs, depressing lows, and even an insight on mix episodes and body image.

I would recommend this book if you like to read about other people’s experience with Bipolar Disorder. If you are a loved one or supporter of someone with Bipolar, I would go into reading the book with the mindset that this is what *some* people go though, and it could possibly put things in a better perspective for you.


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