Self Care

Well, it took me long enough. I finally decided today, that from now on, I’m doing 1 thing a day. 2 if I am feeling good. It is just not worth my sanity to overbook myself. So, let’s say for instance I have a Dr. appointment on Tuesday, and a friend wants to have dinner on Tuesday also… NOPE. We would have to schedule it for another day. Because the Dr appointment alone is going to exhaust me mentally if not physically. That is all I can do.

There is no sense in me running myself ragged just to make other people happy. I am learning about how much I can take, and I’m learning that right now, it’s not a lot. But I hope to improve that at a later date.

After all, I can’t be good to other’s if I can’t be good to myself. And I’ve lost that along the way somehow. I’ve always been a people pleaser. Always giving 110% to make someone else happy or to see them smile while leaving myself behind. Well, no more of that.


4 thoughts on “Self Care”

  1. Good on you, Iggy, for setting boundaries. I get shook up enough if I have two appointments in one week. Two or more in one day really get me flustered.

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