Good Appointment

I had an appointment with my pdoc today. She asked how my dad was doing, which I thought was nice. I told her about the sleep study, and she was appalled that the insurance wouldn’t pay for a full sleep study. She, like many of you, is hoping that I get approved for the CPAP machine, and she hopes that this will eliminate the need for a sleeping pill. I had to reminder her that my main problem was FALLING ASLEEP. But it’s all good.

She increased my Buspar to 3 times a day (10 mg dosage stays the same) and she ordered some Ativan capsules for me to take as a “breakthrough” med for my vacation. She chose the capsules because the work faster. AMEN! So, I should be good to go for vacation. You have no idea how relieved I am.

Now I feel like I can move forward with everything else I need to get done to prepare for our travels. It sounds so silly, but it’s true.

I also told her about my bad episode of depression — all of it. I told her I thought it was because I was on my period at the time, but she didn’t agree with that because I don’t have a history of this.

She continues to tell me how interesting I am.

My last pdoc said the same thing. She said “You are not the garden variety.” I guess I have odd episodes that make no sense in the general outline of Bipolar.


7 thoughts on “Good Appointment”

  1. i never heard of ativan capsules! i wish i was able to take buspar. its gone off the market here in ireland though. i take lyrica for anxiety but to be honest i dont find it all that helpful. when do you leave for vacation? i hope you enjoy it. x

    1. We leave Satuday and I’m really looking forward to it. Even though the drive is going to crush me, I’m looking forward to the beach. It soothes my soul.

      1. Yes, I’m in the USA. We go to North Carolina every year. That is where my husband is from. His parents have a beach house. Although this year is a bit different. We are having a huge family reunion, and the family has rented out 3 beach houses. Ours is not one ON the beach, but very close walking distance, like we just have to walk across the street. We stay on an Island called Emerald Isle, and whenever we tell people that is where we are going, they think we are going to Ireland. 🙂

      2. Lol, I can imagine, Ireland is where I live, and yes, it’s very green, and very rainy here to most of the time, I wish I was going to a beach house, we have lots of beaches here though which is cool

  2. I use a CPAP and it has taken care of all my falling asleep issues. When I put my mask on, my body gets the hint and shuts right down. I’m asleep in a matter of minutes. I hope you are able to get yours soon.

    1. Oh this is EXCELLENT news! I would love to be taking one less pill! This gives me so much hope, you have no idea!

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