I tried to grab a nap today, but the universe was against that idea. My mom called, the dr. office called, kids were knocking on the door, the dogs were barking. *sigh* So I gave up and I hope to call it an early night tonight.

I mentioned the Dr. Office called. Yes. The sleep Dr. office called to set up an appointment to show me how to use the CPAP machine! Holding true to my new rule, I didn’t schedule an appointment for this week. I have dinner with my BFF tomorrow night to go over house sitting info, and Thursday the dog goes to the vet for her extraction, and Friday I need to be packing everyone up, as we leave Saturday. Obviously I couldn’t make an appointment for next week since we will be out of town. And I didn’t want to schedule the following week without talking to my husband to see which day would be best for him since he will be leaving work to take me. So I plan on talking to him tonight to see which day is best, and then call the Dr back tomorrow and schedule an appointment.

I’m not sure how much insurance is covering, and I have no idea how much I am going to be paying out of pocket, but when it rains it pours. We have the upcoming vet bill, CPAP machine, kid’s school supply shopping, and I have to get my oldest son some new jeans before school starts. That is life I suppose.

I get anxious around 4 these days. Not a bad anxious but more of an anticipation type anxious. I simply can’t wait for my husband to come home. He provides me with so much comfort. I told him this last night. We don’t do anything special when he comes home, as a matter of fact, we don’t even really talk. I make dinner, we eat, and then he is plugged into his kindle for the remainder of the night. But just having him there makes me feel… I dunno… safe?

I feel like talking, but I’m not manic. I just spend so much time avoiding phone conversation, that sometimes I feel the need to have one. LOL but I don’t want to have a long drawn out conversation, just a brief one, so I must choose wisely. I know a lot of talkers. LOL

Perhaps I will find something to do around the house. Not like I don’t have anything I should be doing or anything. LOL


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