Jumping my mom’s shit was NOT in the cards today…

I called my mom today, as I do every day. I made sure to call today because I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow. And what happened I was not prepared for. I jumped her shit. I hate fighting with my mom, I did enough of that in my teen’s and twenties. But she attacked my daughter.

My oldest daughter is 23 in September. She suffers from endometriosis. My sister also does, but my sister’s journey is different than my daughter’s journey. My daughter has gone to countless female doctors, and at this point the options she has been given are: get pregnant, get a hystorectomy, take birthcontrol. By the way, none of these options will CURE the culprit, they will just make them manageable. Her current doctor is my mom and my sister’s doctor as well, and the LOVE her. My daughter, not so much. The Dr is ok, but the staff sucks balls. And so my daughter has decided to travel a long distance to see a specialists. Someone who deals ONLY with endo.

My mother was pissed. I had to put her in her place. We yelled, and then she wanted to know why I was yelling at her (classic mom). I told my mom that my daughter’s treatment is HER fucking business, not my mother’s. And of course, it is all my daughter’s fault because she just doesn’t like to hear what the doctors have to tell her.

Um… no. My daughter just isn’t keen on having a baby right now for one. For two, she feels she is too young for a hysterectomy, she wants kids at some point, and for three, having her on birthcontrol makes her fucking INSANE because she has a hormone imbalance! I dunno, seems like valid points to me. And like I said, this is my daughter’s business.

Things finally died down, and my mother agreed to disagree.

This is how my mom is. Clueless about chronic pain conditions. Which she should have some idea, because she has interstitial lung disease, and if the eats or drinks the wrong stuff, she coughs all the damn time. No cure for her either, but she doesn’t look at things that way.

I know it all comes from a caring place, but she doesn’t come across as caring. Which is why my daughter REFUSES to talk to my mom about her issue. She get’s hyped up, and yells. All because things are not done her way.

I love my mom. I really do. But I wasn’t planning on jumping her shit today. But I admit, it felt good. But it was also uncontrollable.


2 thoughts on “Jumping my mom’s shit was NOT in the cards today…”

  1. Oh jeez. I’m so sorry. I’m glad you stood up to your mom. Your daughter needs to be taken care of the best way possible. It’s bizarre and annoying that she doesn’t see that. Hopefully your vacation is relaxing.

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