Vacation is going pretty good. We are at the end, and will be leaving back to Durham tomorrow and then back to Ohio on Sunday.

I was doing great until today.. we are doing our shopping today. We were supposed to leave between 10 – 11. Hubby didn’t get out of bed until noon and decided to have lunch, knowing we have all been waiting on him. By the way he is nursing a hangover and I do not feel one bit sorry for him. Maybe he shouldn’t drink like a fish. So now I’m in a foul mood and I am trying to stay away from him in order to cool off. Patiently waiting for him to get his shit together so we can have family fun time.

In other news… being double dosed on anxiety meds has done wonders! I have been social… still feel awkward about it but not anxious. There are 57 family members here!

I will post a full report on Monday. I just needed to vent.

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