It’s good to be home!

Emerald Isle, North Carolina


It’s good to be home! The drive on the way was LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG and horrible. It ended up taking us 12 hours as opposed to the 10-11 hours it was supposed to take us, because just past Cary, NC, we ran into a horrible storm, through construction, and were hydroplaning, and couldn’t see. We were held up by two accidents; The first one a vehicle rolled on it’s top, and the second one someone ran into a wall. But we got to our destination unscathed. The above photo is the view from our balcony in our room. It was perfect, as I could sit out on the balcony at night  and hear the surf hit the shore and view the spectacular blanket of stars in the sky! It was maybe a 2 minute walk to the beach. Not far at all, and nothing that made me exhausted.

I was worried about our house mates — there was nothing to worry about! We stayed with my husbands cousin and his family. The wife was nice and the kids were not too bad. The oldest one is on the autism spectrum and ADHD, but surprisingly wasn’t difficult to tolerate.They were also smokers, so we would have wine and socialize on the deck every evening, and have coffee and conversation on the deck in the mornings. The house was big enough that we didn’t get in each others way, and we managed to get our meals done without interfering with the other family.

The family reunion was a bit to take in, but I did it in stride. The extra anxiety meds helped immensely through the whole trip! And thankfully I just had the one day that I wrote and vented about.

It was sad to leave, because I really enjoyed listening to the ocean and feeling the salty breeze on my skin. And now that we are home it is just horribly hot and humid and nasty out.

I don’t think I am going to be able to catch up on all the posts that I missed, but I am going to try tonight once things settle down. I am playing “back from vacation” clean up. Just finished the kitchen, and now I have to do all the unpacking and laundry. While we were gone, we got a citation from the city because of weed over growth, so I have to help my son bust through that tonight, and the next two nights. We have until the 28, then they will come out and inspect or have the city come in and take care of it all at our expense. It is too hot to get it done during the day. If I get up early enough tomorrow morning I may pick up where we leave off tonight.

And to end this post is a picture of my youngest daughter and myself out on our deck.We are not as burnt as the photo would lead you to believe. My phone needed adjusting, and my husband did that for me AFTER I took all the selfies! LOL

2 thoughts on “It’s good to be home!”

  1. I love living near the ocean here in Los Angeles, but your photo reminded me of all the great times I had at Holden Beach. I’m not sure how far that is from Emerald Isle, but they look the same.

    1. A quick check on Google says 2 1/2 hours. I guess everything looks similar on the NC coast. It was relaxing for sure, and I already miss hearing the ocean. 😦

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