ramblings for today

The past two days I have been feeling restless. Yesterday I was more calm, but still restless. Today I am super restless.

To combat this I plan on working on a rosary today. I have to take my daughter to a friends house, stop by the store, and then I am going to clear some work-space, put on some music, and get to work.

I made a big dinner last night an no one ate it. Well, my daughter and I ate, but no one else did. I hate when that happens. Especially since I didn’t even want to cook to begin with. So, now I am not sure if I am cooking tonight. I may have everyone eat leftovers just to be a bitch, and because I can.

Oh… I have a streak of evil running through me today. I could be in for a bumpy ride!

Night two with the machine was not much better than night one. Still didn’t sleep the whole night through. As a matter of fact I sneezed a lot. Been sneezing a lot today as well. I’m beginning to wonder if I am expecting too much. I “slept” for 10 hours, which looks great on paper, but I was constantly waking up, which is super, SUPER annoying. I just want to sleep the whole night through without any interruptions. Just one night would be a blessing!

I’ve noticed that I have had to rely on my glasses a lot lately. More so than usual. And the bifocal part doesn’t seem to be helping much. But my eye sight tends to go through good and bad spurts. I am supposed to wear my glasses all the time, but really only have been wearing them when my eyes bother me or to read. But everything has been blurry as of late. It is possible it is a wonderful side affect of one of my many meds. I would love to have contacts, but I don’t think you can have contacts if you need bifocals. :/

I managed to paint my nails the day before yesterday. I’m not hip on the color, but it is staying until I get the gumption to do my nails again. If anything it makes my skin look tan. 🙂 It is a muted peach color, which by the bottle I thought would be brighter, but it’s not.

I had to send Google an email today. I am one of the heard that lays Pokemon Go *groan*, but I am not totally into it like my husband is. I just do it for fun and catch what I can around the house or when we go out somewhere. I downloaded a FREE Poke Detector today and got charged $2.99 for it! If there was a charge for it, I would have NEVER downloaded it. As I stated, I just play it for fun, I’m not a serious player. And I think it is rude as well as misleading to say something is FREE and then you get charged for it. Granted, it is only $2.99, but I could buy a gallon of milk for that!

I hope you all have a good day and are symptom free.


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