I had made plans with my daughter’s friend’s mom on Monday about having my daughter spend the night tonight. She would be home all day just call before we come over.


I call at 12:15 this afternoon. No answer, left a voice mail.

Texted at 12:30 in case she didn’t hear her phone (she has 3 kids, this is a possibility). No response.

Here it is 6:35 in the evening, and we still have not heard from them.

This sparks some irritation for me. Not for MY inconvenience, but for my daughter’s. She has been looking forward to this day all week. She hasn’t seen this girl all summer and they used to be very tight. She didn’t go outside to play at all today because we were waiting for them to get back to us.

At 5, I told my daughter, “We are ordering pizza tonight. We are also going  to go up to the store and grab some snacks for tonight, and we are going to play Head’s Up tonight after dinner. Maybe we will see if there is something on netflix to watch. We are going to make the best of this situation. And if they call, I am going to tell them ‘Sorry, we made other plans since you didn’t respond to our attempts today.'” My daughter agreed but she did request that I “let them down nicely”. Apparently my claws were out. whooops.

I realize something may have come up. But whatever happened to common courtesy?  If you can’t follow through with the plans, call or text and let me know. I of all people will understand. But don’t just leave my kid hanging. That is so rude and inconsiderate.

So, dinner has been eaten. My kindle is charging. Soda is chilling (I only buy soda for special occasions!), meds have been taken, and pj’s will be put on. Then we will grab our snacks, head to my room, and play some serious Heads Up. We are going to have a good time. And best of all, my daughter is going to know how much I love her.


4 thoughts on “Sparks”

  1. I hate it when parents do that, again – not because of me but because of what it does to the kids. If the parents are like that, I wonder what lessons they are passing on to their kids.

      1. In the modern age of cell phones and instant communication, that just doesn’t wash anymore.

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