Long night


I had a long night last night. This sleep stuff is really coming to a head. Ever since the CPAP I have been waking up earlier and earlier. Last night I woke up at 3, laid in bed for 48 minutes trying to go back to sleep, and finally decided it wasn’t going to happen, so I got out of bed and went into the living room. After piddling around for a few hours, I finally fell back to sleep around sixish this morning and got up at 11.

I told my husband that I was going to try really hard to not be irritable today, hence the link to the videos. This is my favorite album from Enigma, and it always has a calming effect on me. So I am listening to it in hopes to turn my irritability around. If you feel so inclined, listen to it too. At least test it out, I think you will find it to be calming.

August will be here tomorrow. That means I will be starting work soon. I’m really bothered by my excessive heat and sweating. But I’m trying to not let it consume me. I am anxious yet excited about starting work again, and I am wondering if this job is even going to last. I would much rather stay at home and take care of things, but I know we need the money. And while I won’t be making much, it will be something.

Here is to hoping that my irritability doesn’t take a swing for the worst. Things can either go up or down from here, you just never know. I am hoping for neither, but I feel an upswing coming that will soon be followed by a crash. I already am feeling energized and that I need to be up and doing stuff, but I really need to focus on calming down.



One thought on “Long night”

  1. I know it can be tough. My wife hasn’t had a decent night of sleep in weeks – so hoping something pans out for you soon! Take care!

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