Over It

My daughter’s friend from a couple houses over is not allowed in our house anymore, per her mother. She claims that her daughter got a bunch of flea bites at my house.

Fine. I can understand.


My animals do not have fleas. My house has no fleas. And no one else in my house has flea bites. So…. I don’t know what kind of bites your daughter has. Probably from playing outside. I was told they can’t be mosquito bites because they don’t itch. So, they must be flea or tick bites. What? Since when do flea (and tick for that matter) bites DON’T itch?

It just makes me feel like she must think we live in filth. Or like my house is nasty. Or WE are nasty. And that is not the case.

Stupid stuff get’s me upset and I take things to heart and I become easily offended.

On the plus side, I don’t have to worry about having another kid in my house.

However, I am betting 10 to 1 that they are mosquito bites, because they have a pool in their yard and the girls are always outside playing.



One thought on “Over It”

  1. Having had pets most of my life, flea bites DO itch. Itch like hell. Sorry your daughter can’t have her friend over, but at least you shouldn’t have to worry about her mother.

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