To the extreme

I don’t know how I’ve gotten this far in life without getting an ulcer. My worries go to the extreme. My newest is my truck. It is getting more difficult to start. I told my husband to check all my fluids for me, and that I just wanted to make sure everything was good because the truck is running rough and is hard to start sometimes. He said he would. But he hasn’t as of yet. This morning it had a rough time starting. So my worries begin… What if I get stuck somewhere. What if it won’t start for me when I have the kids with me somewhere? What if I have a truck full of groceries and it won’t start? What if I have an appointment and it wont start. What about my first day of work? So on and so forth. And it just wears me down. I don’t even have the energy to write out this post, but I am forcing myself, because sometimes it is just best to get it out of my system.

But it doesn’t just seem to be worries. It seems like everything I feel is to the extreme. I’m tired of the extremes. I just want normalcy. One day is all I ask.


2 thoughts on “To the extreme”

  1. Oh I get the “what ifs” alright. They can be brutal and can take over a wild brain like mine. I’ve gotten better through meditation, but not quite over them yet. Not sure if I will ever be.

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