Ancient Chinese Secret

I’m to the point where I am giving up on sleep. I really think there is something wrong with my wiring in my ‘ol noggin. While the CPAP machine has decreased my waking, I am still waking up once a night, usually between 2 and 3. It is really driving me crazy and is really affecting my moods.

I see my sleep doctor Sep 8 to go over things, so I need to ask him if this is ever going to improve. I noticed they decreased my air level from 7 to 6.5 (My air levels are monitored by the respiratory therapist remotely and controlled by them as well).

What is infuriating is that no one seems to be on the same page where my sleep is concerned. We have my GP who says “Of course you are not sleeping, you have Bipolar and Fibromyalgia, no one ever sleeps with those conditions!”, then my pdoc “No, I don’t want to change your sleep meds because obviously something else is wrong that you are not getting any sleep.” and then the sleep doctor who I thought would be the answer to my problems…. “You stop breathing in the night, here, use this machine, it will fix everything. Oh and by the way, lose some weight.”

Sometimes I miss my doc that over medicated me. She ALWAYS made sure that I was sleeping through the night, no matter how many times she needed to change my sleep meds. She understood that for me and my moods, sleep is key.

I just want an answer as to why I wake up all the time. And then maybe we can find a way to get me to sleep the whole night through.

I was doing some reading, and the Chinese believe that if you wake up at certain times of the night, that correlates with something that is wrong with your body, as each hour corresponds to various organs of your body. Sounds almost crazy, but at this point, crazy sounds good if it is going to provide me an answer.

Here is an example of this Traditional Chinese Medicine Sleep Chart. Interesting, if anything.


2 thoughts on “Ancient Chinese Secret”

  1. I know that “good night of sleep” can be so elusive as I watch my wife chase it every night. Don’t give up – keep working with all you medical professionals and hopefully you will find something that works for you. Take care!

  2. How infuriating for you. I’m sorry you haven’t experienced what you’d hoped you would get from your CPAP. I hope you’ll be able to come up with more ideas at your next visit.

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