Life and it’s Curveballs

My husband informed me last night that he is actively looking for a job in North Carolina. He spoke to his parent’s about it seriously, and our oldest son about it seriously before he talked to me seriously about it, which I am a little miffed about. But it’s over and done with now.

The plan is, if he finds a job, he will live with his parents, and the kids will continue their school year here in Ohio, with just me. He will visit us once a month for a weekend.

I completely understand his reasoning for all this. There have been a lot of changes at his current employer and all of the developers are talking about leaving. Day by day his job is being squeezed out and he is feeling less and less secure. I have been wanting him to leave this place for a few years. The company itself is not bad, but the management is horrible. But just because I understand, it doesn’t mean I am 100% happy about it. And maybe I’m being selfish.

I need to think about changing doctors (We all know what a pain this is!), I don’t know the area which leaves me feeling very anxious, I will be leaving my parents as my dad’s health is declining. I will have no friends or not know anyone, other than my husbands family. I’m good with my father in law, but I can only take my mother in law in small doses.

But I can’t worry about all of that right now. Instead I’m worrying about how are we going to update our house in order to sell it or make it available for rent? How are we going to transport all the animals from Ohio to North Carolina? But I can’t worry about that right now. Because too many other things have to come into play. But, as I do, I am prepared for my worries.

Who knows, this may not come into fruition. My husband said he is not taking anything less than 6 figures. I honestly don’t know if he will be offered that. He has no degree, but he has 17 years of experience. But from what he told me, this is why he is looking in North Carolina. All that is available here is Defense Contracting positions, which is what he is in right now. He is looking for a private firm, who will pay him for what he is worth.

It was quite the blow I took last night. I’m in  a better place today, but still in a state of limbo. Change is difficult for me and it is a trigger. And even just knowing it is a possibility, it kind of makes my mind hyperventilate. But I’m trying to deal with it the best that I can.

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