I have always been an animal lover. I have always had an animal since I was a kid. Mostly dogs, but I have had my fair share of other animals too; rabbits, birds, cats, fish, hamsters, and guinea pigs.

There is something about an animal that just hits me in my soul, in a good way. Currently I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a bird. If I had more room and more money, I would have more! There was a time where I was trying to open an animal sanctuary. I just love animals. I love helping them, I love loving them, and I love having a relationship with them. It is just soothing to my soul.

My current animals are NOT therapy animals rx’d by a doctor. But I would definitely go that route if I had no animals. Yes, they are hard work at times, especially when they need medical attention. But my animals help me so much. They know just when I need soothing. They know when I need that extra attention. And I love having that bond.

When I’m an old lady, and my kids are out of the house and have their own families… I will have lots of animals. I would love to live on a large piece of land and have lots and lots of animals. That is how I want to retire.


One thought on “Animals/Pets”

  1. I love animals too. Over the years I’ve had cats and dogs and other critters too. One day though, I realized I’ve become my mom. She loved watching animals from afar. My husband is allergic to cats and I’m no fan of dogs but they are too much trouble and too codependent for me. I LOVE other peoples dogs because I can play with them without all the fuss, That being said, I’d probably have a good time at your house.

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