One down, two to go!

Yesterday was my first day of work. I have a good schedule, only 3 hours. But, man! It is fast paced and busy! Working in a busy school cafeteria is NOT for the weak! I muddled through without much issue. Last night when I went to bed though, the anxiety started messing with my mind, and I was trying to think of ways to NOT have to go in today and/or Friday. I had thought perhaps this is not the job for me. And then I argued with myself to buck up and take it like a man. It’s only 3 hours and I am only scheduled to work through Friday at the high school.

The ladies were nice, but the work is HARD. And I don’t have any experience working in fast food or cafeteria work, so this is all completely new to me. As per the usual, when I am introduced to something new, people throw me into the most extreme situation. That is just my luck.

I’m not sure what I will be doing today, but I’ve gotta get my big girl pants on and kick that anxiety out of my head. And it is going to be HOT today. 😦 Thankfully I got my hair cut shorter last week!


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