Adventures with Mercury (In Retrograde)

I am a firm believer in Mercury in Retrograde. Especially since my sun sign is ruled by Merc. But astrology is not for everyone, and I respect that. However my day was CLASSIC Merc Rx fodder.

Today I worked at the Primary School as an aide for one of the Special Ed. classrooms. When I got there, I was directed to go to the “other office” even though the assignment said to check into the MAIN office. So I went to the other office and while they had my time sheet, they had no idea where to put me, because there was a “glitch in the system”. *sigh*

I was told to go to THREE different rooms, all on opposite sides of the building of course, and no one needed an aide. So I ended up going back to the first classroom (Who happened to be my oldest son’s 2nd grade teacher many years ago!) and she had me do some busy work. And the topper of the day was I had to take a student to gym.

At the end of the day, the lady in the office apologized for the mix up. You see, apparently since I walked in the door, they had to put me to work or pay me to go home. So since they had to pay either way, they put me to work doing meanial duties. Which was fine, at least I was in an air conditioned classroom with only 3 students, a teacher and another aide.

Today was a cluster fuck. I don’t deal well with those. But I dealt with it. And I am going to be keeping an eye out for a new job. Yes, it is nice to be able to pick when I want to work, and I get weekends off. BUT… I only get paid ONCE A MONTH. That is not conducive to help paying bills around here.

Ideally I would like to find something with a low stress level and not too physical. This will very much help keep my moods in check. I am actively looking, but won’t start applying anywhere until AFTER I have my wisdom teeth cut out. And I am doing this in stealth mode. Keeping everything on the d/l until something falls through. I can’t deal with my husband being upset with me for something I can’t control.

4 thoughts on “Adventures with Mercury (In Retrograde)”

  1. I completely understand…best to keep it on the d/l until something falls through. I have made my mind up about starting a job search next week myself. I’m not sure if I am ready but it beats sitting my ass here everyday. Sorry you had just a clusterfuck of a day…hope the next experience goes better, but hey…you dealt with it.

  2. I am unable to work,so I’m impressed with anyone with bipolar who is willing and able to work. Good plan to keep things status quo on the outside while doing your search. Good luck!

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