I’ve been thinking about all the various jobs I have had in my lifetime. I can say that I have done quite a few things. Some things I loved, some things not so much.

My first job was at 15. I was a hatter in a way. I didn’t make hats per se, but I customized hats with iron on patches and embroidery. For a first job it was ok. Not too demanding and quite boring at times.

My second job was as a cashier at the px on base. (The first job was also at the base). I was put in lane 1 which was the express lane because I was a fast cashier.

The next job I worked at a toystore/furniture store. Again on the base.. I’m a navy brat and my mom worked at the px security department. They paid well also! You might think “A toy store and a furniture store in one place? That seems odd!” I speak the truth. I worked as a cashier and was in charge of layaway on the weekends. I also sold furniture and had a horrible crush on the guy that put the furniture together.

I worked that job 2 summers.

Then I worked at a swanky real estate office in Del Mar, California. The Willis M. Allen Company. Look them up and be amazed. This place sole multi-million dollar homes. I was a lowly receptionist. I was HORRIBLE at this job. But I loved the location! I had lunch at the beach every day. The position was temporary, but when it ended I cried like a baby. I’ve always been emotional.

I also had a stint during school working at a place that took camping reservations for state parks in California as well as Hearst Castle. I wasn’t good at this job either. I think because I had never been camping in my life and I had no idea what the difference between a camper and a fifth-wheeler was. Still don’t to this day. I did spice things up to keep myself amused and used various accents when I would get calls. Of course I wouldn’t do that now, as I realize how unprofessional it is, but I was 16/17 at the time. I didn’t really care.

I made my way back to the toy world and worked in an actual toy store after I graduated high school. I worked there and then took on a second job working third shift at a dollar store doing night time stocking. I couldn’t handle working a day job and a night job. I never got any sleep. Plus I was depressed so it wasn’t healthy. I ended up quitting the stocking job.

I think relocated to Maine and then Ohio and didn’t have a job again until after I had my first daughter at the age of 21. I worked 5 years for a gas station. Started as cashier and quickly moved up to manager. The best part was being an assistant manager. I didn’t enjoy the management position so much, and ended up quitting after the station that I managed was robbed. I had a bit of a nervous breakdown.

I worked at a grocery store for awhile as a cashier. My husband at the time also worked there. So once he used me as a punching bag, I quit, because things were a bit “awkward”.

I then worked at a bank as a teller. That was  a fun job that I enjoyed very much. Had I been properly trained I probably would have stayed there longer than I did.

I’ve also been a personal assistant to a celebrity manager. That was the most fun job of all. Had he not relocated to Los Angeles, I would probably still have this job.

I’ve worked at a gas station a second time, but not for very long because this was at the beginning of my bipolar diagnosis and my moods were NOT stabilized and I was hopped up on seroquel so I was quite literally worth nothing.

I’ve also held jobs that didn’t pay, like PR for a horror genre website for 5 years, Sunday School teacher, and a worker at a pregnancy center.



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