Yesterday was a bear, but I got through it.

For the most part yesterday was ok. The light in the kitchen went out — no biggie, we will get a new one when hubby returns from his travels (It is a special lightbulb, not a normal one). The clock in the living room stopped, no biggie, I changed the battery and re set it. But 2:30 happened.

I had been working on changing my son’s tire on his bike, and got to a point where I needed help. The oldest son came home and, as the good boy that he is, he helped his momma. We are working on the bike, then my daughter calls, in a panic. She was on her way to work and got stung by a bee. She has no epi-pen, and no money for a co-pay to go to Urgent care. She was in a panic, which got me in a panic. I’m no fun to deal with when I’m in a panic, because I yell and sound like I’m mad, but I’m not REALLY mad…. I’m just in a panic. Much like her. Or maybe she is more like me.

Anyway… I’m dealing with her, and trying to deal with the bike. I had no money to give her to go to urgent care. I suggested she just try to go and see if they will bill her, since this is essentially a life or death emergency. Long story short, Urgent care would not see her unless she could pay. They told her to go to the hospital. So, on her way to the hospital, she had to stop by here to get a copy of her insurance card. Something I have given her SEVERAL copies of. But she has ADHD, and things get lost…. all. the. time.

Of course, since I’m in a panic, and in a hurry…. the printer doesn’t want to work. I had the card queued up 6 times and nothing would print. So I had to reboot my computer which seemed to take forever (of course!). But they all eventually printed out. In all of this mess, my mother keeps calling. Who also is in a panic, because she know my daughter got stung and knows I have no money to give her, but is yelling at me to make her go to the hospital (I am pretty sure this yelling when you are panicked thing is a learned behaviour, LOL).

Meanwhile the boy is needing help putting the breaks back on the bike. *sigh*

Get the daughter out the door, arguing with her about getting an epi shot, and how she doesn’t want one because it will cause her anxiety and she has been having issues with her anxiety again to the point that she is dissociating from things (Because NOW is a GREAT time to tell me this!). Argument ensues. We both calm down, and she is out the door off to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the rest of the kids come home and are wondering what all the chaos is going on in the house.

This all happened in a matter of 30 minutes!

I got through it. I took meds so I wouldn’t fall into a depression, but I got through it.

By the way, my daughter is fine, and they didn’t give her an epi shot, because they didn’t want to cause her and anxiety attack and then have to admit her to the psych ward for observation. That and her throat wasn’t closing. So they gave her something (she didn’t know what, just that it tasted gross), some motrin for the pain and swelling, and then told her to take some benadryl when she got home.

I made dinner, the bike got fixed, and my oldest son told me not once, but TWICE how much he appreciates me. That made everything all better. Just hearing those words makes the weight of the world seem not so bad.



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