I’m feeling 100% better today. Hubby is HOME! And he even went out searching for a new light bulb for the kitchen without me asking! My body is so sore, but my mind is at ease and it makes me happy. It will be very short lived though. Tomorrow is the day I get my wisdom teeth cut out. So tomorrow is going to be spent in bed, on vicoden and antibiotics, while eating jello and pudding and drinking chicken broth. No straws for a week, which means no iced coffee. 😦 That also means no smoking. But I’m not worried about that. I’m looking at it as an opportunity to quit. I’m more concerned about the pain I am going to be in, as one of my teeth is still in the bone. FUN STUFF!

I have sent my resume to a few places, one place was a psych hospital. They actually looked at my resume. But I never got a call, so they are probably looking for someone with a medical reception background, even though they didn’t say it was a requirement. And you know what? When I talked to my husband today about how I was still looking, he told me not to sweat it. It will happen when it happens. Do you know what a relief that was? I really think he needed this time away from home to decompress and change his surroundings for a bit. I am glad he had the opportunity to do that. I think we both needed it.

So, you probably wont hear much from me in the next few days. I’ve already decided I’m going to be laying in bed watching movies. I have to be recovered pretty good by this weekend. I need to go grocery shopping (which I am not stressing over, my husband is capable of running to the store to buy food until I can get to the store) and I have to take the kids clothes shopping. The temps have dropped to chilly weather now, and my son only has 1 pair of pants and my daughter doesn’t much either.


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