The happy haps

wisdomtooth whoas

This is how I am doing. The above image is a bruise on my face from the one problematic wisdom tooth I had pulled. It was the only one that was still in the bone, and apparently was a bugger to get out. Just look at that bruise! Sorry the image resolution is grainy, my flash wouldn’t work to give you the “full effect”. The swelling has gone down quite a bit. Now I just look like I’m holding a few nuts for winter instead of a whole mouth full! The pain is minimal and I am down to half a vicodin a day now. Still on soft foods. And apparently the healing is good because I had a stitch come out. I am told this is a sign that you are healing properly.


But now my fibromyalgia is acting up. My left arm feels like it has been hit with a baseball bat (typical flare feeling for me). Nothing was done to my left arm during surgery other than a blood pressure cuff. My right arm is a different story. They blew a blood vessel and I have a huge bruise where they gave me fentanyl to knock me out for surgery. But I am getting by.

I was pleasantly surprised today in regards to my bipolar. Due to a mix up on my husbands part, our electric got shut off today. I didn’t even lose my shit. Usually I would have given him a ration of hell and a good tongue lashing. But today I just took it as it happened. No harm, no foul. So I was proud of myself for that. Good news is that our electric got turned back on and we didn’t have to wait until tomorrow.

There is a theory that when your body is ailing in one area, you find strength in other areas. I guess because my body is dealing with the wisdom teeth being gone and my fibro acting up, my bipolar didn’t feel like it was really worth it to kick and scream. I guess it decided better of it and will save all that for another rainy day. I’m good with that.

Hope you are all doing well. Obviously I’ve been out of commission since last Wednesday. So hopefully tonight or sometime soon I can catch up on all of your blog posts.


4 thoughts on “The happy haps”

    1. thanks Vic. I was actually able to eat a real dinner tonight without too much discomfort. I’m glad I managed to keep it all together too. Its the small things that keep me looking up.

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