Hocus Focus

I’m starting to feel a little bit more with it, motivationally speaking. But I discovered something today that I was finally able to put my finger on. I can’t focus. I don’t have rapid thoughts, but I am unable to grab the thoughts that are floating around in my head. It is like trying to catch a cloud with a butterfly net. Everything just kinda escapes through the netting.

For instance, today I am up and feeling able to function. However, I am unable to complete simple tasks, let alone get started on them, because I can’t focus on what I need to be doing. Does that make any sense? I don’t feel like I’m explaining it well. I was able to get the dishes done, that is a normal routinely thing, which is why I feel like I was able to get it done. I was able to call the church today and let them know that S wants to be an altar server. I did manage to get the graduation invitation paperwork filled out this morning. So, three things checked off my to-do list.

But in between all that stuff, I have found myself pacing around the house, moving from room to room, knowing that I have things I want to get done, but I am just not functionally able to stop myself and commit to doing something.

Tonight I am going to make a physical to-do list, something I can physically look at, and physically mark off. Hopefully that will make things easier for me to function at 100% efficacy.


3 thoughts on “Hocus Focus”

  1. I’ve had that feeling multiple times before. It’s sort of like you want to focus but your brain is sort of on “sleep mode” or something. Kinda like a computer. Not 100% off or on. Hope you can get some stuff done. Cool title for this post BTW

  2. I was about to suggest to do lists. Perhaps too, if you think it will be motivating, give yourself time slots to get it done in.

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