Making a list and checking it twice!

Today went a little better than yesterday. Even though at one point I felt completely sick in the head. I have suspicions that tomorrow will be much the same way due to the increase in the wellbutrin that I take starting then.

The important and good news, I made a list! The list only had  7 things on it, and I managed to get 5 of those things done. So, success! I still wandered around unfocused in-between tasks, but with some more practice, I think I can get better at this.

If the weather holds up, I think I may try a walk tomorrow. We are supposed to get some rain with 30 mph winds, so I’m not sure how that is going to go, but I would like to get that done. I think it would help a lot. Even if it is just up to the corner and back.

I have run into a conundrum of sorts. I find that I get lonely during the day, but I don’t like socializing. So, I need to work on that too. But, one thing at a time.


One thought on “Making a list and checking it twice!”

  1. I get that “I don’t want to be around people, but am lonely” feel too. It’s a tough cookie nut to crack. I find if I really force myself to do it, I’m always glad I did socialize. The forcing myself to do it part is the hard part.

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