Going With The Flow

I’m going with the flow. On the plus side, the Wellbutrin seems to be working well in terms of giving me energy. I no longer feel like a bump on a log. As the days go on, I feel less scattered and more focused, which is great.

On the down side, not only has our dryer shit the bed, but our water heater crapped out yesterday. So, two large expenses. I’m glad we didn’t get a dryer yet, because then we wouldn’t have the money to get a new water heater. This morning I boiled water to do dishes, and last night my one son had to wash his hair in cold water and this morning my oldest one took a cold shower before school. Neither have the time, patience, or desire to warm water up and take a bath. I boiled water this morning and did all the dishes from dinner yesterday by hand. Dishwasher is of no use since we don’t have hot water. Needless to say, this is a total bummer and major inconvenience, but… I’m going with the flow.

Today I will be in the basement cleaning it up so we can have workers down there for whenever we do get a new water heater and dryer. My husband made a call to his parents last night so I think he asked for some financial help, but he hasn’t said anything to me about it. He is supposed to be getting a new water heater today, and hopefully we can get someone to install it, as it is a gas water heater, and will take more expertise than my husband has. I am just happy that I have motivation to actually clean up the basement. Sure, I don’t WANT to do it, but there is a big difference between not wanting to do something and actually doing it anyway, as opposed to not wanting to do something and not having the motivation to get it done anyway.

So far, no hypomania or mania. I was afraid that the increase in the Wellbutrin was going to make me go batty, but I am super glad that it hasn’t.

It is going to be a busy day. I have the basement to clean. I have a gift to wrap because my daughter is going to a slumber party tonight. I have to take my daughter to said party. I have to boil water so she can get a bath before said party. I have to do laundry and then haul it all up to the laundry mat to dry it all. I am making that a “date night”. I sprung that on my husband last night. Hahahaha. I told him we can do laundry together and then hit up McDonalds or Subway after the laundry is done.

And thinking about this weekend, I think this whole weekend is going to be a busy one for me. I have to pick my daughter up on Saturday from her party, and then Sunday I have to teach Sunday School to a bunch of kindergartners, which I am nervous about, because there is going to be a “helper” in the room and I don’t like people in the room with me when I teach, it makes me feel self conscious.

But…. I am going with the flow. I refuse to get worked up or upset over anything that I can’t control.


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