The difference between Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I felt betrayed. Yesterday I felt lost in a world I thought I knew. Yesterday I felt so let down. Our system is broken. The electoral college is not needed in this day and age. Back in the birth of our country, yes, it was needed. But now we are living in the age of information. But I digress….

Today I am over it. Today I am putting on my big girl panties on, pulling them up high, and carrying on with my day. What’s done is done. All I can do is hope for some miracle that the President Elect will do a good job. Today I am hoping all the rheotic he spewed was just bullshit talking to make him look strong and capable. I hope some clarity, balance, and common sense will shine through come January when he enters office. That is all I can do right now. I’m following my advice and picking my own battles. I can’t afford to let this eat away at me and cause me fear and anxiety. Sure I am worried, and it is always scary to me when a new President comes a long. But I’m not going to let it consume me.

There are hotlines for people with Mental Illness, LGBTQ, and Immigrants available. If you feel that you need to use these hotlines, PLEASE DO! As a matter of fact, I got a notice last night that one of those hotlines crashed for a little bit due to a flooding of calls. People need this and I am happy that they are available.

I know this new Presidency is going to affect a lot of my friends in various ways. I feel horrible that there is nothing that I can do to fix things or make you all feel better. My gay friends are scared and angry. My low income friends are scared and angry. My immigrant friends are scared and angry. And I don’t blame any of you for feeling that way. There is so. much. at. stake.

I hope you can all find the strength to get behind me today and carry on with your lives without too much anxiety. What’s done is done. Much like when we are presented with an episode of our illness, we now need to decide how we are going to handle the situation before us in order for us to get on with life. I hope you can find a way.


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