I thought it was back

My appetite has left me again. It was back for a while and now it has gone. It is really a bitch because now I have 2 meds I have to take with food; my Latuda and my super-super NSAID for my bruxism. Today I had a ham and cheese sandwhich and some popcorn for lunch. Didn’t take my Latuda because I was pretty sure that wasn’t 350 calories. I’ve fixed everyone dinner, and I am not hungry… at all. But I need to take my fucking meds.

I really hate feeling like this. Forcing yourself to eat when you are not hungry is a bitch. Especially when you are overweight, because you know you are just making yourself fat by eating when you are not hungry. Maybe I just feel like that. I even checked my coffee creamer to see how many calories that had in it, hoping the coffee could serve as my calorie intake. Nope. Only 35 calories.

And the kids have successfully eaten all of the snack food.

5 thoughts on “I thought it was back”

    1. close but no cigar. You would be amazed at the calorie content of stuff when you have to pay attention. Somedays it is nearly impossible to reach 350 calories for me. I guess I need to buy higher calorie stuff. But I try to buy sensible stuff for the kids. I don’t buy a lot of snacks. My safe go-to was my strawberry-honey greek yogurt. A serving of that with some granola was 350 and very filling, but easy to eat when I wasn’t hungry. But the store stopped carrying it. 😦

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